Father’s Day

On this day when we honor the incredible fathers in our lives, I am longing to spend it with the amazing man who made me a mother. While he is no longer physically present to celebrate this day with us, I still feel his presence in so many ways and will forever cherish the infinite gifts he gave me, among them, our remarkable children. In them, I see his captivating smile and contagious laugh, his sparkling eyes and his long curly lashes. I marvel at their magnetic personalities, their athleticism, their intelligence, their love of music, their wit and wisdom beyond years, all remarkable attributes inherited from their father. He lives within them, in their hearts and in their souls, and together we will celebrate him every single day. Mark was and always will be Cooper’s first hero, Lucia and Cecilia’s first love, and one of the most extraordinary fathers I have ever known.







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  1. You have such a beautiful way with words, Erin. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting your adoring husband, I feel as if I knew him from the many posts you’ve written about your life together. What a wonderful man he was; not only to you & your family, but to his co-workers, friends and acquaintances. I know his time with you was brief, but it sounds like not a minute of it was wasted. This blog is a tremendous gift to so many – therapeutic for you, a gift that will continue to give a father’s love to his children and a window into your family’s life to the rest of us. Holidays like this (and all the days in between) must be incredibly hard for you all. Thinking of you & those 3 adorable munchkins. Hugs, Linda p.s. So wonderful to see you at the farmers market yesterday!


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