Just the Two of Us

It’s true that everything changes after you have children. Everything becomes less about you and more about them. There is rarely any “me” time anymore because there simply isn’t time. I mean, for goodness sake, I can’t even get one minute in the bathroom alone before hearing the pitter patter of little feet as the bathroom door abruptly flies open.

And it’s only natural that after the little people arrive, the lack of time for oneself also spills over into your time for the one you love. Before we had children, Mark and I were lucky to have the opportunity to marry in Mexico, honeymoon in Italy, road trip to Colorado and Miami and fly to New York. Incredible memories were made on those trips. And yes, things certainly changed after the kids came along…We didn’t often carve out time alone for just the two of us because we actually really, really enjoyed the time when it was just the five of us. Incredible memories were made just by simply being together. Although we often dreamed about how we would go see the world together when the kids were all grown up and out of the house, for the time being, we settled for moments like this. An image that perhaps once got buried in the virtual pile of family photos now reminds me of how fleeting, yet special, a single moment can be. With the kids, whirling, twirling, twisting and giggling all around us, we found an instant to be just the two of us.

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