First Snow

All this snow in November reminds me of when we moved into our forever house in January 2011. That winter the snow never seemed to stop…the perfect circumstances for hunkering down and getting settled in our new home. We had barely made a dent in unpacking boxes and Mark’s priority list was topped with a trip to the store to buy snow pants for himself so he could play with the kids in the backyard. My memory of that first jaunt out in the snow is as vivid as if it were yesterday…Cooper and Lucia were one and two and the snow was higher than their heads and up to our knees. Mark was like a kid in a candy store, teaching them to make snow angels and pushing them on the swings. That backyard winter extravaganza ended with Mark’s intentional back-flip off the swing and face plant into the snow, which had the kids laughing so hard they peed their pants. Good thing they were still in diapers.


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