The fish don’t see the water

This is a simple proverb that Mark often used. It means that we often overlook or take for granted things we experience continuously and people in our lives we see all the time. I start this day with a grateful heart and a pledge to “see the water” like Mark did every day. Despite the sadness I feel over the loss of my beloved husband, I cannot help but to look around me and feel profound gratitude for the many blessings that fill my life with happiness, among them: my beautiful, kind-hearted, remarkable children; our home, the place which he and I created together, filled with love and memories to last a lifetime; our loving and unconditionally supportive family and friends, who remind us every day that we will never do this alone; our community, the people who have wrapped us up every day in their love, prayers and support. We are so blessed. The world around us has literally injected into our water an infinite measure of love. It glistens in the sunlight, it radiates across the sky and it fills up the cracks of my heart with gratitude. I see it, and I thank you. All of you.

Tubbataha's Coral Reefs: Underwater Paradise for Tropical Fish

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