Soul moments

This image was taken in Italy where Mark and I spent three weeks for our honeymoon. I came across the quote the other day, which reminded me of an occasion when we were having lunch in Cinque Terre and we just so happened to sit next to a family from Wisconsin, which was evident due to the Badger-shirt-wearing dad of the family. Mark, of course, struck up a conversation with this family and we learned that we had many connections. The daughters went to school where I teach…the son-in-law was from the same town in Michigan as my brother-in-law and then moved to Colorado, where my sister and brother-in-law live. As it turns out, the mom worked at Shorewood Intermediate School at the time, and many years after this trip, Mark became the principal there. This woman recently attended a wedding where I was the photographer, and she contacted me about my services, also asking if I remembered meeting her in Italy. Of course I did! Some may call this kind of meeting a coincidence or simple happenstance, but I have come to know these occurrences as “moments of synchronicity.” They seem to happen to me almost daily now and they reaffirm my faith.



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