Daddy Bears

Three little bears for my three little birds made with love from daddy’s clothes. Today my sweeties opened these gifts from my aunt, Karen, and her coworkers and were immediately smitten! Karen told me about this idea a few days after Mark passed and I picked out the clothes the day after the funeral. I was pretty emotional and having a hard time with the task of selecting three shirts and a pair of jeans and I couldn’t quite picture what the bears would look like. Therefore, I simply chose three shirts in the same “color family” because I had it in my head that all three shirts would be used on all three bears. When I saw the final product, I was surprised to see that one shirt was used for each bear…but I immediately fell in love and wished I had one more for myself. When deciding which bear to give each of my little birds, I decided pretty quickly on the Marquette bear for Cooper. The Polo bear (see the polo logo on the foot?) and the Abercrombie bear were kind of a toss up and I just randomly decided on royal blue for Cecilia and navy blue for Lucia.


Much to my surprise, as we were looking through photos as a family over the next few days, I realized that the Polo shirt for Cece’s bear was the shirt Mark was wearing in the last photo I ever took of them together…and the Abercrombie shirt for Lucia’s bear is the one he was wearing the day we brought Lucia home from the hospital. Wowie Kazowie. Hugs from heaven.




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