Gift Giving

As I have been shopping for Christmas presents this year, I’m reminded of what an incredible gift-giver Mark was. He would say “I’m not good at gifts” but in reality, he was simply impatient about giving them…He would think of the most thoughtful, perfect gift for his recipient and he’d be so excited to give it that he often couldn’t wait until the actual birthday, holiday or event. Mark often gave me presents days before my birthday… and even proposed on the day he bought my engagement ring, despite having something elaborate planned, because he simply couldn’t handle the anticipation. Mark often claimed, “Erin, our kids think Christmas is in November.” “Whose fault is that?” I’d say with a smile.

His gift-giving impatience in full effect, Mark gave me diamond earrings for our 10th anniversary, eleven days early and just a few days before he died. Yes, these are very special to me, but the most treasured gifts Mark has given me aren’t things. The true joy of giving, which I could always see in Mark’s eyes with each gift that he gave, is something that I will never forget about him, but also a sentiment that has enveloped us now. During this beautiful season of giving, we have been truly blessed.


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