Shorewood Tribute

Mark and I were exceptionally proud to be members of the Shorewood Community. We made our home Shorewood when we bought our first house in June of 2005 and serendipitously, Mark signed his contract to be the Assistant Principal at Shorewood High School four years later, on the day that Lucia was born. After serving as the AP for four years, he applied for a new position within the district and when he learned that he would be the Principal at Shorewood Intermediate School in the spring of 2013, Mark told me that he had just landed his dream job. To me, this achievement felt like destiny.

One month ago, the Shorewood School District celebrated Mark’s life as an educator with the most beautiful tribute. The event touched me deep inside my heart. It was absolutely incredible…a night I will treasure for the rest of my life.

The district was kind enough to provide me with a professionally recorded video of the event and allowed me to upload it to YouTube to share with anyone that was not able to attend. If you are interested in watching it, you can find it on YouTube here.

This is the first of 6 parts titled “Shorewood Celebrates Mark Harris.  The rest can be found by clicking on the icon for my YouTube channel.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Kirn

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