Good Cop

Cooper is watching the Badgers play on TV today and I couldn’t help but think of one of the many times that Mark and I went to Madison for a Badger game. On this particular occasion, we went with my sister, Liz and bought three tickets for the game from someone on the street right outside Camp Randall. When we tried to go into the game, we were told by the ticket agent that the tickets weren’t valid. Mark’s reaction was immediate and decisive. He looked at Liz and I and said, “WAIT. RIGHT. HERE.” About 10 minutes later, he arrived right back to the place we were standing and said, “All set…Let’s go in.” Stunned, Liz and I asked him what happened and Mark then relayed the story of his quick-thinking and bold actions. He had marched right back to the spot where we had purchased the tickets, found the guy who sold them to us and demanded his money back. The man refused, so Mark whipped out his cell phone and made a phone call, “Hello, this is Officer Harris. I am on the corner of Regent and Breeze and I need back-up…” The man stammered, “Wait, wait, what do you want? Here… here’s your money and three more tickets.” Free tickets to the Badger game that day. Nice work, honey.


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