The Great Entertainer

Mark absolutely LOVED entertaining at our house. And by this, I mean he loved to invite a crew of friends over and then somehow manage to convince the best cook of the bunch to man the grill. That was his M.O. and everyone knew it. In recent years, however, he did develop some pretty serious skills on the grill himself. Over the years, I became quite accustomed to having a houseful of friends at a moment’s notice….not so ideal for a gal with a touch of OCD. But I adored this about Mark. He relished in surrounding us with our friends.
One day last spring, our dear friends, Matt and Tramond, were hanging out at our house with Mark in the family room when I arrived home from a photo shoot. It was just an average Sunday and I really don’t remember the specific occasion. But what I do recall quite clearly is how Mark proposed that we go around the room and each tell a story or memory from around the time we first met one another. The ripple effect of this simple suggestion was an afternoon of hilarious stories and uproarious laughter. Mark often created moments like that for me. I adore you for that, Mark Harris.


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