Mama’s Boy

Four days after our first date, Mark showed up at the restaurant where I waitressed. Unannounced. With his mom. It was a busy lunch hour and I was slammed with tables. I remember my heart racing a million beats per second and I was thinking, I cannot BELIEVE he is introducing me to his mom so soon, like this, without any warning at all! I was in a panic, but trying to play it cool when I walked into the kitchen to grab an order and I overheard a group of waitresses, “Oh. My. God. Have you seen the guy at table 16? He is SO HOT!”
As lunch went on, the panic sort of melted away as Mark would make eye contact from across the room and give me that little smirk that I grew to know so well. I also grew to love and admire the adoration that Mark had for his mother. I often looked back on that day and thought about how beautiful it was that he cared so deeply for his mother, that he so quickly and immediately wanted to share with her the love that he had for me.IMG_ba0106

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  1. Mark often spoke of his Mother and how much love and respect he had for her to myself and other coworkers. He admired how hard she worked to raise himself and his brothers. I’ll always remember him telling me their summer vacation was when she drove the bus to great America and they got to tag along. Sorry for her passing but like Erin said she is with her boys❤️❤️❤️


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