Being a lover of photography, I often look at the world the way I want to compose it through my lens. Most photographers would understand this…but many other people will likely think I am slightly neurotic based on the following confession: I have this teensy tiny pet peeve about clothing with writing on it. Okay, okay, so maybe it’s actually a really gigantic pet peeve… And as luck would have it, I married a man that absolutely LOVED jerseys and T-shirts and just about any type of clothing that makes a statement with words or pictures. So over the years we had countless conversations that went a little something like this…
Me: Honey, I am probably going to take a lot of pictures on our trip, do you think you might pack some simple clothing that will look timeless in our vacation photos?
Mark: Um, no. I gotta represent.
So, I have beautiful photos of us honeymooning in Italy with “I Closed Wolski’s” written all over them and our favorite memories in Mexico are stamped with Mark’s favorite sports teams and musicians. I definitely have to smile about this now because while this quirky little personality clash that we had used to make me crazy at times, I feel exactly the opposite about it now. This was such a huge part of how Mark expressed himself. And he definitely taught me how to “represent.”



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