Every Day is a Holiday

So many people with absolutely incredible intentions look at me with the saddest of eyes these days and say something like, “This time of year must be really hard for you with the holidays and everything…” I suppose I understand why some people might think that or say that, but its really not what I feel. I love holidays…and I miss Mark EVERY day. Desperately. Every single minute of every single day…I want to call him and tell him a funny story. I want to hug him and hold his hand and never let him go. I want him to see his children laughing and smiling and dancing to his music. Today and every day. The holidays are no different.

Treat everyday as though it is a holiday. Cherish every day. Be present with your family. Count your blessings. Eat lots of yummy food and don’t feel guilty. Surround yourself with the people and the things that you love. Put your feet up. Laugh so hard that your belly aches and your cheeks hurt. Have a dance party. Say I love you. Again and again.


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