Locks of Love

In September of 2007, Mark shaved off all of his dreadlocks for charity. Since he couldn’t donate his own hair to Locks of Love, he decided to raise money for the organization by soliciting family, friends and students and staff at his school to donate money for the cause in exchange for shaving his head bald at an assembly for the whole school to watch. I wasn’t able to attend the event since I was busy teaching my own students that day, but I heard it was a pretty amazing affair, with a local news station in attendance to document the philanthropic efforts of Mark and three of his students who decided to donate their own hair as well. Mark’s mom and nieces took the first few snips while our dear friend, Matt Flynn, who frequently cut Mark’s hair back in their college days at MU, did the honors of shaving him bald. I wish I had been there to witness it myself…but I am grateful to have these images, taken by our dear friend Aphisack.


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