Dance Party

Dance parties are a frequent occurrence in the Harris house. Mark instilled in all of us not only an appreciation for all genres of music, but also an unsurpassed enthusiasm for impromptu dance parties. These started years ago, long before we had our own children….We would drop by Steve and Megan’s house to visit our nieces, Macy and Payton, and Mark would initiate a good ol’ fashioned, “tag-in” and “dance off” dance party between Macy, Payton and their cousin, Elliott. Their movin’ and groovin’ would have us laughing and smiling for hours and we’d leave there talking about how we couldn’t wait to do the same thing with our own children one day. I see now how Mark had this way of making an ordinary moment more extraordinary…He did so every day in the way he interacted with our children. Quite simply, he always had them laughing. Living in the moment is something Mark did best. So now I try to find some time each day to do that…to simply get lost in a single moment of joy. Today, I watched my kids dancing in the family room and I could hear Mark’s voice in my head, cheering them on, “Go Lucy, Go Frucey, go, go, go Cooper, go Cece, It’s your birthday, go, Go, GO.”


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