Be Present

Mark’s brother Steve said that it seemed like Mark lived 140 years in his 40 years here on earth. Quite simply, Mark truly lived in each moment. As cards and emails and stories have flooded in from friends, family and co-workers one common theme emerged: Mark was ever present in every single breath. He knew how to really listen to people and make them feel like their story mattered. He knew how to revel in the little things… Whether quiet moments at home with our children, boisterous occasions on the basketball court and softball field, or onerous tasks in his professional life, Mark lived every moment with passion and gratitude. He had a saying that he used fairly often: “The fish don’t see the water.” I am grateful for the years we had together and so proud to be Mark’s wife… And from this day forward, I hope and pray that in my life, I can help others to “see the water” like he did.IMG_ba8417b

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